Even happy endings can be bittersweet

bww2015coverIn my student days, I acted and directed plays. When a production was over, especially if it was good, the ending always left me feeling at loose ends. The free time and the freedom to move on to the next project should have been welcome relief from the pressure of a show, but I often felt proud and satisfied, but also a little empty and sad.

Today feels like one of those days. Since December, I’ve been part of a team editing and then designing an anthology of Burlington writers’ work called The 2015 Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop. The editing was a good collaboration—it was great to get to know and work with Peter Biello, Zoe Armstrong and Marisa Keller. I edited the non-fiction, and then I had the privilege of designing the book and giving it a lighter, more open feel than the first two years. I think it will stand up as a handsome piece when it is published in early April.

Most important, the work is outstanding. Burlington is a very talented community of writers! One piece we hoped to include got snatched by a publisher while the book was in the works, and one we didn’t have space for got a contract for publication recently. The book is full of great reads in all three genres, fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

So today I exported the files for the printer. And I’m feeling a little bittersweet.