Powerful history: the story under our feet

Epowerfulhistorycoverarly in the 2000s, the Vermont Electric Power Company¬†built a 52-mile transmission line up the Champlain Valley from New Haven to Burlington. From 2005 to 2007, the company funded a series of archaeological studies before it disturbed land in the corridor. The work identified 113 pre-contact Native American archaeological sites that added significantly to scholarly understanding of Vermont’s early human history.

One product of that work is this educational handbook for use in teaching about Native Americans’ history in Vermont from just after the¬†Ice Age to European contact. I had the privilege of final editing and laying out this volume, for which I share credit with Jesse Robinson of UVM.

I’m about to convert the book into a website and to create the second edition. I can’t remember a more satisfying project. The booklet has been widely used in Vermont classrooms and fills a need that was previously unmet.